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Kajika Corp., Founded in Japan by Mr. M.Adachihara in 2000 after serving GAF & HAYWARD for more than 10 years. He brings along many keys man with vast experience in liquid filtration who had once work with PALL, PTI, PARKER, CUNO, GAF, LOEFFLER, HAYWARD, SCHLUMBERGER & MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES. Together we   enhancing customer's benefit with GLOBAL EXPERIENCE and LOCAL SOLUTION
Our Vision
To position Kajika as one of world class bag filter manufacturer, continue in our R&D to improve upon products features, filtration efficiency and competitive pricing by creating value innovation ! 
"FALA" is the ultimate brand name for trust and quality !


Our Products :


Liquid Bag Filter

A Japanese filtration system and quality at affordable price. We are dedicated to develop and supply high quality and cost effective liquid filtration system through our many years of experience. Our commitment to total quality and performance will ensure 100% customer statisfaction under strict quality control.

"FALA" is the registered trade mark belonging to kajika Corporation. We will continue to invest in R&D to uphold and share our vision.


Comprehensive range availabe from 0.5µm to 800µm.  Material in either Polypropylene(PP), Polyester(PE) or Nylon Monofilament (NMO).


  • Flex-I-Seal bag filter is manufacture under strict quality control. Feature all sides fully welded and come with a molded top. 
  • Flex-I-Sealmolded top design provide  distintive sealing  that separate filtered and unfilter lquid under operating condition. Thereby, minimise cross contamination.

  Bag Filter Housing

Available for flow capacity from standard single bag at 6 Cu.M/hr to multi cavity unit at 960 Cu.M/hr. Choice of SS316, SS304 and carbon steel.





Hydrualic Filter (EPE Germany)


Hydraulic oil filter for Marine,Ship,Submarine,offshore,Oil and Gas,Aerospace,Jet figther.Main engine lubricating oil filter with simplex or duplex filtering unit. Filter cartridge in washable Stainless steel, Glass fiber media



Filter Press Cloth

Available material such as Polyester, Polypropylene and Polyamid etc.

Customized made to order of any size.


Dust Filter Bag

 Manufacture &  supply dust bag filter in material such as Polyester needle felt, Normex needle felt and Acrylic needle felt etc. Material with anti static feature is available upon request. All length and sizes are tailor to each and individual requirement.


Semiconductor and Integrated Circuit Test Devices - Test Pins Burn-In Test Probe and Socket 

With TESTMONIC, we supply  semiconductors test devices for burn in test, socket test, micron chip test pins or IC or integrated circuits test pins. Wide selection of test pins for many type of semiconductor micro chips test handlers.  

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EPE Hydraulic Filters

Semiconductors Test pins 

Integrated Circuit testing


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   Cartridge Filter


Pleated or depth design. 0.2µm to 125µm to meet most industries application. Available in PTFE, Polysulfon, string wound filter cartridges in cotton, Polypropylene and fiber glass. Choice of PP core, Tin steel & SS304 core to meet selected application.