FLEX-I-SEAL ( FALA part number start with " P-xx-" )

Available in Polypropylene(PP) & Polyester(PE) material. Bags are fully welded construction and come with FALA proprietary molded top collar.

current size available for Flex-I-Seal molded top

7"OD x 17" length (Fala size 11)

7"OD x 31" length (Fala size 12)

(Note : Upon request , stitching construction available for Nylon Monofilament-NMO material with Flex-I-Seal molded top     )     


WELDED RING ( FALA part number start with " WR-xx" )


Worry about unloading due to countless stitch holes with conventional bag?

At FALA, we understand this problem, here  conventional stitching method of bags production  can be replaced by our fully welded design as seen in these photos. Result - No by-pass of particles through  circumferential and side seams.

Available for PP & PE material only that are readily  weldable.

Size Available : Fala size 11 & 12 only (i.e 7" OD  x 17" or 31" lg (longer length upon request) 


FALA part number start with " WF-xx"

A flexible steel band bag filter been launch in Dec'2004 to meet customers demand to minimise unloading of particles under operating condition.

Size Available    

 Size : 7 1/2" OD x 17" Length

 Size : 7 1/2" OD x 31" Length           

( On display is a fully welded version )

Conventional Ring bag -Stitching (FALA part number start with " R-xx" )


Seen here is a typical stitch bag filter. All it side including mounting of top steel ring are all done by maching  stitching. 
Available in PP, PE & NMO material with either standard zinc coated steel ring or choice of stainless steel & plastic ring.


Felt type bag filter - Stitching method


Nylon Nomofilament mesh - Stitching method



Size Available

Fala size 01 : 4" OD x 9" Length,           Fala Size 11 : 7" OD x 17" Length

Fala size 02 : 4" OD x 15" Length          Fala size  12 : 7" OD x 31" Length

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