FALA-PRO : Pleated deisgn with huge surface area, lower delta-P and high in flow flux

FALA-HF    : A uiquely pleated design with thicker media depth. Excellent for purification of liquid with gel inclusion

Media : PTFE/Polysulfone/PP

Micron: 0.1µm to 40µm

Size    : 250, 500, 750 & 1000 mm

End style : DOE,222/Flat,222/Fin, 226/Flat & 226/Fin

Typical FALA pleated filter design


Application : Electronic, F&B, Beer, Plating and Chemical filtration.  



FALA SUPER HIGH FLOW pleated filter

Model : SHF

Media : 100% Polypropylene

Length : 20", 40 & 60 " 


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